Veni Vidi Vici Capital Corporation AG (Switzerland) is an asset management boutique with focus on sustainable private equity investments in emerging markets

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Since our founding in 2006, our core philosophy has been understanding our clients' unique goals and delivering the right opportunities and solutions. This objective is grounded in the belief that our clients' individual requirements are of paramount importance and our sole business is managing our clients' assets on their behalf and in their best long-term interests.

With this as a framework, 3V CAPITAL has assembled a team of investment professionals with significant expertise in global capital markets. In addition, we continue to invest substantial resources in the ongoing development of our technology and analytic capabilities.
Our focus on investment excellence and state-of-the-art analytics is complemented by an unwavering, commitment to service; this results in dynamic client relationships and enables us to assist clients with a range of services, including an understanding of liabilities and asset allocation needs.

In order to maintain outstanding client relationships we have been traditionally operating as a dedicated asset management boutique for a small number of high net worth individuals. With our focus on South East Asia we are now opening our products and services to a wider range of investors.
We strive to deliver success to our clients through customized investment strategies consisting of investment solutions ranging from regional and global strategies to multi-asset and structured products, rigorous processes, in-depth portfolio and risk management and local knowledge of global markets. Our commitment to exceeding your expectations forms the core of our relationships.

Let us be your bridge to the exciting economies of South East Asia, which are expected to generate the globally highest growth rates over the next decade. We have established a network of invaluable regional contacts and are in a position to spot, evaluate, and act quickly on prospective investment opportunities. 3V CAPITAL is specialised in establishing high yielding equity positions in new ventures and finances those with matching note issues. This allows the investor to cash in on high expected performances while simultaneously enjoying the benefit of a guaranteed return and secure principal through 3V CAPITAL.