Veni Vidi Vici Capital Corporation AG (Switzerland) is an asset management boutique with focus on sustainable private equity investments in emerging markets

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Risk management

The importance of risk management has intensified in the past few years due to tighter financial regulations and increased investment allocations resulting in higher investment volume and heightened investor awareness.

Essential to 3V CAPITAL's disciplined investment management process is strategic risk management. We take a globally integrated approach to the identification, analysis and management of risk while also maintaining a strong regional orientation, with a physical presence in our largest investment centers. Since its inception, 3V CAPITAL has focused on the need to assess security- and portfolio-level risks, to make investment decisions in rapidly changing markets, and to execute transactions efficiently, while ensuring strict adherence to risk management and compliance guidelines.

While risk can never be totally eliminated, this structure allows the team to apply global best practices while working hands-on with individual portfolio managers. Our risk management professionals are responsible for helping to ensure that the risks in 3V CAPITAL managed portfolios are consistent with client objectives and that those risks are fully understood and properly managed by our portfolio managers.

Our ultimate risk management objective is to lower the risk of loss, preserve upside potential and optimize the risk-/return profile.